Version History


  • make_avro_schema: change default value of private_sndStamp and private_rcvStamp from 0 to 0.0.

  • doc/index.rst: update the MTM1M3 example configuration for ts_xml 13.


  • Add support for SASL authentication using SASL_PLAINTEXT protocol and SCRAM-SHA-512 method. This adds the --username and --password CLI options that can be used to connect the secured Kafka broker.


  • Remove “test” section from “conda/meta.yaml” again because it depends on non-conda dependencies.


  • Rename command-line scripts to remove “.py” suffix.

  • Update for ts_sal 7, which is required:

    • Remove all references to the “priority” field (RFC-848).

    • Rename “{component_name}ID” fields to “salIndex” (RFC-849).

  • Add support for standard Avro schema evolution by specifying a default value for each field. This adds automatic schema evolution support for adding and removing fields, but does not support changing the type of an existing field. Use a default value of 0 for float fields and float array items, because that matches the default for Kafka and DDS.

  • Build with pyproject.toml.

  • Fix the continuous integration Jenkinsfile to build the missing Script IDL component and modernize the content.


  • Update for ts_salobj 7, which is required.

  • Modernize the Jenkinsfile.



  • Fix semaphore file for partial producer mode.


  • Add private_efdStamp field to Avro schema. Set it to private_sndStamp converted to UTC unix seconds.

  • Added some timeouts to reduce the danger of infinite hangs.


  • Implement new feature that allows dividing the topics for a SAL component into multiple subprocesses, so the producer can keep up with a chatty component such as MTM1M3.

  • Modernize the documentation.

  • Add

  • Use pre-commit; see the README.rst for instructions.

  • Update tests to use unittest.IsolatedAsyncioTestCase instead of the abandoned asynctest package.

  • Fix setting up version on conda package.

  • Fix upload command in Jenkinsfile.conda.

  • Format the code with black 20.8b1.


  • Add semaphore file for Kubernetes startup probe.


  • Make SAL/Kafka producers shut down gracefully.

  • Update the pre-commit hook to block the commit if any code is not formatted with black.


  • Fix handling of ackcmd data. The fix requires ts_salobj 5.16 or 6


  • Update schema test for compatibility with ts_sal 4-5. ts_sal 4.2 will add the private_identity field and ts_sal 5 will remove the private_host field.


  • Added a test that code is formatted with black.

  • Removed sudo: false from .travis.yml.


  • Code formatted by black, with a pre-commit hook to enforce this. See the README file for configuration instructions.

  • Fix the Contributing entry in index.rst.

  • Added a revision history.


  • Add conda build support.


  • Add topic metadata to the Avro schema. For the most complete metadata build your IDL files using ts_sal 4.1, because it provides more metadata than ts_sal 4.0.


  • Update unit tests to handle missing char0 field in arrays topics.


  • First release.